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Now is the time to get your Estate Planning done with Simple Separation and HazeLegal

Why Now ?


Simple Separation have helped you through your divorce, but there is still more to do.

Did you know that your ex could still take control of your estate, if you were to die, if you don’t have a Will in place?

As the other parent to your child or children, they have a back door pass to your estate.

You also need to ensure the property settlement that you negotiated is given effect, if you die, so that your Ex can’t come back for more.

You need to do this NOW.

What you need


You must now put in place:


  1. Your Will, appointing an executor (not your ex) and passing on your hard earned assets to who you want.

  2. A testamentary Trust, to keep your assets safe, and with possible tax benefits.

  3. Enduring power of Attorney, so that your ex can make take control of your finances if you become incapacitated

  4. Medical Power of Attorney, so your choice of person can make health care decisions

  5. And much more

What’s involved?


  1. Complete the online questionnaire – It’ll take you 20 minutes.

  2. Book in a zoom call with one of our lawyers to discuss and answer any questions.

  3. Sign the documents that we prepare.

  4. Put this whole thing behind you and get on with life

Simple Separation made your separation simple, now they have partnered with HazeLegal to make your Estate planning simple too.

 What’s Included


This comprehensive package includes:

(1) Will (including a Simple Testamentary Trust – to give the trustee the power to discretionarily use the inheritance of a minor or a party who doesn’t yet have a vested interest, for their education or accommodation or any other purpose that the trustee sees fit.)

(2)  Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship, advice to the attorney and guardian accepting the appointment.

(3) Meeting to discuss your Estate Planning Needs (via zoom) and to answer any questions.

(4)  Lifetime-storage of all documents

(5) Instructions – Comprehensive instructions for legally signing your will

(6) Instructions for the executors including a “what to do if you are called upon (if the testator dies)” and how to retrieve documents if required

(7) Letter of Wishes


*All documents will be emailed to clients for signing and then be returned to the HazeLegal by post for storage and safekeeping. 


 Additional Fees

1. In exceptional circumstances a stat dec may be required ($200 + gst applies)

2. For comprehensive trusts, whereby a trust expert is required, an additional fee may apply.

3. In person Will signing Appointments.

What are the Benefits?


(1)  You can nominate who you want your possessions to go to when you pass away

(2)  Choose the Executor – the person who will administer your estate

(3)  Choose who will look after your children

(4)  Choose how your property can be used by your  children or grandchildren or any other person you nominate

(5)  You choose who makes decisions for you (not the public trustee)

(6)  Control how much Power your Attorney has

(7)  Protect your family from potential litigation and minimise any challenges to your will.


*All wills and estate planning legal advice and documents are provided by our Estate Planning lawyer at HazeLegal.

You Separated amicably and quickly at a fraction of the cost of legal fees, with Simple Separation.

Now do your Estate Planning in the same way with HazeLegal. It’s just that Simple.


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