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Post-Demise Data: Ensuring Family Access to your vital information with a Digital Vault

Post-Demise Data: Ensuring Family Access to your vital information with a Digital Vault

Ensuring your family can access essential information and digital assets after your passing is a crucial aspect of estate planning. In today’s digital age, where much of our lives are stored online, addressing this issue is more important than ever. At HazeLegal, we understand the challenges faced by loved ones in accessing digital assets as well as the information that they need to finalize their affairs after their passing, which is why we have our platform – the HazeLegal Digital Vault. Let us explore how this tool can simplify the process of organizing and sharing vital information with your family.


How can I ensure my family can find all the information they need after I die?


    1. Easily Provide Access to Important Data

With the HazeLegal Digital Vault, you can grant access to photos, videos, and other cherished memories stored on your devices to your loved ones. This ensures that they can preserve and cherish these memories even after you are gone.


    1. Upload Important Documents

Save your family members and business partners from months of searching and stressing by uploading important legal documents to the Vault. From wills to medical records, having these documents readily accessible can streamline the estate administration process.


    1. Create Personalized Messages

Leave behind messages—written, voice-recorded, or video-recorded—filled with love, guidance, or instructions for your loved ones. These messages can provide comfort and guidance during a tough time and ensure that your voice is heard even after you’re no longer here.


    1. Leave Itemized Lists

Provide detailed instructions for managing various aspects of your affairs, such as bills, service providers, and care instructions for pets. Itemized lists can help alleviate confusion and ensure that your wishes are conducted as intended.


Here’s how it works:


First, you add people and representatives you want to leave items or documents to, as well as your legal representatives, to the Vault. This ensures that the right people have access to crucial information when the time comes.

Then, you create and upload data, including messages, important legal documents, passwords, and care instructions for pets. By organizing your digital assets and information in one secure location, you can simplify the process for your loved ones.

Finally, you assign each item or document to specific individuals to receive the information after you have passed. This ensures that each beneficiary receives the relevant documents according to your wishes.


Upon your passing, our process ensures a smooth transition of your digital assets and information.


First, designated individuals are informed of your demise according to your instructions.

Then, we verify this information through cross-checking with your nominated contacts within the Vault.

Once confirmed, we proceed to release the information and documents in your Vault to the specified individuals, ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled respectfully and efficiently.


Rest assured; we prioritize the security of your data.


Through measures such as password protection, encryption, and unique encryption keys, we ensure that your digital assets remain safe and secure within the Vault. Your peace of mind is our priority, knowing that your information is protected with utmost care.


As you consider ways to safeguard your digital assets and ensure your family’s peace of mind after you’re gone, the HazeLegal Digital Vault stands out as a secure solution.


With military-grade security measures in place, you can trust that your digital assets will remain protected within the Vault. Whether it’s cherished memories, important documents, or passwords, you have full control over what you upload and who can access it.

By organizing your digital estate alongside your will, you can simplify the estate settlement process for your loved ones, sparing them from unnecessary stress and uncertainty.

Take advantage of our 1-month free trial to explore the Vault’s features and discover how it can benefit you and your family. Afterwards, the cost is just $29 per year—a small investment for the peace of mind it provides. Sign up now and take the first step towards ensuring your family can access the information they need when the time comes.





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