Property Conveyancing

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Have a Lawyer handle your property matter from start to finish, not a clerk or conveyancer, but a fully trained professional who can anticipate problems before they arise, and at the same low cost. Your property is valuable – why wouldn’t you want to pay for the best!

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  • Fixed fee conveyancing

Whether you are buying or selling we charge a fixed fee.  Click on the link in the side menu for an instant online conveyancing quote. Should any disputes or anomalies arise in your conveyance we will provide you with a quote for these additional services before we go any further.

  • Property law

Property law disputes show themselves in a number of arenas such as Owners Corporation disputes, neighbour disputes, caveats, building contracts and so on.

We will help you protect your interest in what may be one of your most valuable assets.

  • Leases.

Secure your right to the property you are leasing, and know what you are in for before you commit yourself to a number of long lasting future obligations which could have significant financial consequences.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

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