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Who will look after your kids?

Who will look after your kids?


Who will look after your kids if something were to happen to you?

This is probably one of the biggest fears a parent has – not being there for their kids.

While you cannot guarantee that you will always be around to take care of your kids, you can plan for this possibility, simply and cheaply, by nominating someone in your Will.

Not sure who to pick for the job? Firstly it starts with a conversation with your nearest and dearest to gauge who would be willing and best suited for the job.

Still can’t decide? Remember that your Will only becomes operational once you die, so just choose someone, rather than leaving it for Child Protection and foster parents to take on the role. You can change your Will as often as you like to take care of changes in anyone’s circumstances.

Then you could leave your guardian the information they need to know about raising your child. Don’t know where to start, then check out my book “My Life Manual: Information and Messages for my Executors and Loved Ones” to guide you through the process.

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